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Email:  |  Phone: 0800 975 0332
Email:  |  Phone: 0800 975 0332

Free Pension Review Service

  • Free Pension Review Service

  • No Obligation

  • Independent Advice

We are currently offering a free pension review service to help you understand the value of your current pensions.

New regulations are planned for April 2015 meaning greater flexibility for most.  Would you like to understand these new options, and how they affect you?

Too many pensions are forgotten about until it is time to retire, but this may mean it isn't working as hard for your retirement as you are!

We will help you understand:

  • What charges are you paying?

  • How are your investments performing?

  • How risky are your investments?

  • What type of pension do you have (final salary/money purchase/stakeholder/with profits)?

  • When can you access your pensions?

  • Will you have enough in your pension when you retire?

  • Will your pensions allow you to use the proposed new rules from April 2015?

We can also help you trace any lost pensions.

If you would like us to carry out a free review it is as easy as filling in our simple contact form.

It's as easy as:

  • Request a pension review questionnaire from us using our simple contact form

  • We contact your pension provider and carry out an impartial review

  • We offer you a consultation with a qualified independent financial adviser to explain your pensions

  • You decide if you want to go ahead with any recommendation