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Email:  |  Phone: 0800 975 0332

How Your Financial Plan Is Developed

How Your Financial Plan is Developed

Financial planning is a very personal matter. No two people have identical circumstances, ambitions and needs. What’s more, needs often change over time. The financial plan we produce for you is unique and tailored to suit your particular needs and objectives.


So how do we develop a financial plan tailored to your needs?

The following is by no means an exhaustive list, but it shows you the steps we follow in order to provide you with a personalised financial plan that takes into account your circumstances and objectives.

1 – Initial Consultation

At our first meeting, we will discuss your circumstances and identify your needs and objectives. This initial consultation allows us to fully outline our services and explain how these can support your financial plans and aspirations. We will guide you through our disclosure documents which detail the financial areas we are authorised to advise on, how we look after your personal information and your protection under the ombudsman and compensation schemes. We will also discuss our fees with you and give you the opportunity to select the level of service you would like us to deliver.

2 – Getting to Know You

If you would like to benefit from our services, we will need to go into much greater detail and document your current financial situation and objectives in a confidential fact find. It is entirely up to you how much you want to tell us. However, the more personal and financial information we have, the more comprehensive our analysis will be. This will then help us to highlight areas where we feel your existing plans could be more effective or where you should implement new ones. We will assist you to prioritise your needs. We will explore your feelings about risk and reward through completion of an objective risk questionnaire which enables us to analyse your current holdings against your agreed risk profile.

3 – Research and Recommendations

We will then be in a position to carry out extensive independent research on financial products which match your objectives and prepare a recommendation designed to meet your needs. We will discuss our recommendations with you in detail and provide you with personalised illustrations, as well as relevant Key Facts/Features documents giving you full details of the recommended product and provider.

4 – Implementation

If you are happy to accept our recommendation, we will handle all policy administration on your behalf. This will include completion of application forms and setting up new polices, as well as making changes to existing plans. We will keep you updated as your personal plan is put in place and we will discuss the level of on-going service and support you want us to provide.

We will then provide you with a Suitability Report, confirming details of our recommendation and the reasons why it meets your objectives. We will ask you to read this report carefully in order to confirm that it is a true reflection of our discussions and that the recommendation meets your financial needs. As we value your feedback, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire about your experience of our services. We use the results of every returned questionnaire to improve our service to you.

5 – On-going Reviews and Support

As our client, we feel it is important it is for you to know that we are always here to support you. Your financial objectives may change over time, so we will arrange for regular structured reviews to monitor any changes to your personal circumstances and to assess whether your plans remain suitable for you. We will then implement any necessary changes.
We will keep you informed of important developments in financial markets or regulations. You may choose whether this should be done at our regular review meetings, by email, through newsletters or using all three means of communication. If you ever have any urgent queries, we are always only a phone call away.